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Reviews for Molly's Cleaning Services in Liverpool

We’re dedicated to delivering only the very highest standards of service while our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none! As a result, it should be no surprise that we’ve won over a huge number of loyal customers.

We’re proud of the feedback we’ve had on our past work, and we’re very happy to share it here! So read on, and browse through some of the reviews for Molly's Professional Cleaners in Liverpool.

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Our Cleaning Testimonials

Reviewed by June Watson on Oct 17, 2017

“Since we found this company, we’ve been using them for regular fortnightly cleaning sessions. It’s brilliant; the prices are low, and it saves us from ever having to think about the cleaning after getting home from a long day of work. Very reliable cleaners, and easy to work with.”

Reviewed by Sam Olsen on Oct 11, 2017

“Thank you so much for all your hard work! After the builders left, we were in a state of shock. They didn’t even finish the job, and they left piles of rubble and muck all over the place. So glad we found you, and now we’re finally back to normality. You really saved the day!”

Reviewed by Dennis Mallister on Oct 7, 2017

“Such professional cleaners… the results speak for themselves. I was a bit concerned when I saw how low the price was… I didn’t think a service that cheap could be this good! So happy we found you, it’s real quality work for prices that anyone can afford. Great stuff, keep up the good work!”

Reviewed by Debbie Graves on Oct 2, 2017

“Wonderful work on our carpets. Some of those stains - red wine, food, pet mess - looked like they just weren’t going to shift. You soon showed us otherwise though. The place is looking as good as new! Thank you very much.”

Reviewed by Laura, Becky & Chloe on Aug 7, 2017

“We were in a pretty bad place, to be honest: our student flat was trashed, an absolute mess, and there was just no way we were going to get that deposit money back. Can’t believe the results you achieved. It’s like a whole new flat. Well we got our deposit money back in the end… the landlord was happy, and it was all thanks to you. Incredible stuff.”

Reviewed by Dave Arlett on Jul 11, 2017

“What a great bunch of services that was - we booked a whole cleaning package for our home, including oven and carpets as well as help with the laundry and windows - the whole lot! We got a great discount on the whole package, and the results were perfect. Already recommending you to friends and family!!”

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