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Effective Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool from Molly's Professional Cleaners

Are you struggling to get your carpets clean? Stubborn stains and dirty marks getting you down? Well fear not! Our carpet cleaning in Liverpool is able to tackle any rug or carpet, using a range of specially developed steam cleaning techniques. We’ll unlock the dirt from deep in the weave of the fabric, vacuuming it out to leave your carpets fresh, clean and odour-free.

Molly's carpet cleaning services in Liverpool are delivered using the finest, state of the art technologies – in the hands of experienced, fully trained technicians. What’s more, our rates are some of the lowest around! Call us now for your free quote… or read on to find out more about how the service works.

Molly's Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool : How It Works

Our carpet cleaning services include a range of different techniques that can cater to all kinds of rug or carpet – from heavy-set shag and deep fabrics through to ornate or ornamental rugs.

When you make a booking, our Liverpool carpet cleaners will always be on hand to help you decide which service will best suit your carpets.

Our Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

    When you book our steam carpet cleaning in Liverpool , you’re going to be able to wave goodbye to all those difficult marks and stains, deep, ingrained dirt, and other grime or discolouration on your carpets. Here’s how the process is conducted:
  • We’ll begin with an inspection of your carpets. Any particularly difficult areas of staining are isolated, and treated with our powerful anti-stain shampoos.
  • After that we’ll shampoo the rest of your carpets – working the detergents evenly into the weave, as they get to work on dirt and grime trapped all the way down to the roots of the fabric.
  • Now the shampoo will do its work, unlocking all the dirt trapped deep within your carpet.
  • With that done, it’s time to vacuum. We use state of the art vacuum technology to draw as much as 95% of all moisture out of your carpets – and bringing that loosened dirt out with it.

Once we’ve finished, your carpets will be left fresh, clean, and odour-free. They’ll be slightly damp at first, but with a window left open in the room they should be dry within roughly 3-4 hours. In the meantime, our carpet technicians will leave you with a pair of protective overshoes – allowing you to walk over your carpets safely right away!

Protective Carpet Treatments

We can also provide a protective treatment for your carpet, once we’ve finished. Our carpet cleaners in Liverpool will be happy to treat your to a full Scotchgard treatment, which leaves a protective layer on top of your fabrics that will help to defend against future spills and stains.

To find out more, just ask about our Scotchgard treatments when you call for your quote.

The Many Benefits of Molly's Carpet Cleaning Service

    When you book our carpet cleaning in Liverpool , you’re going to be able to enjoy the full package of benefits that comes as a part of every service we offer. That includes benefits such as the following:
  • Get ready to enjoy the skills, experience and know-how of our staff – all of whom come with excellent on-the-job training.
  • Talk to us now, and find out just how much you’ll save on our cleaning services – when we provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.
  • We’ll always try to tailor our service to fit your schedule. Need us on a weekday? Or alternatively, you could choose our weekend or evening slots – whatever is best for you!
  • Your home is going to be safe as houses – our staff come fully insured, and with comprehensive background checks.
  • We’ve got staff on hand around the clock, ready to provide you with more information or a free quote on a service. Just call our 24-hour support line!
  • We’ll always be happy to provide a free re-clean, if you felt there was anything less than satisfactory on our first visit.

Get Your Free Quote on Liverpool Carpet Cleaning

Get your free, no-obligation quote on carpet cleaning in Liverpool ! We have staff on hand around the clock, ready to provide you with that quote – or answer any questions that you might have about our services. Just send us a message, or call our 24-hour support line: 0151 673 0049.

Remember: we also provide a range of special offers, accessible when you book more than one service at a time. Try adding our professional oven cleaning to your order, for example – or enjoy our versatile domestic cleaning services, and watch the discounts roll in!

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